My food philosophy ~ Eat healthy. Cheat healthy. Waste nothing. Experiment always.

I’m an inquisitive home cook, who can’t help but imagine and fantasize new ways of re-working dishes and old recipes to make them healthier and tastier. I am not some diet prophet who vilifies vegetables that grow in the shade either. But I do lean towards making things healthy because if a meal can be made 30-40% healthier by just substituting an ingredient or two and if it still tastes the same or better, why eat the full-fat version? Developing flavour of healthy ingredients is key. Taste trumps all, so if a full caloric version is significantly tastier, the overall taste score wins. ChEATing is healthy. I do it often. You won’t see a healthy brie recipe from me. (I don’t care what advances silken tofu has made) But silken tofu chocolate mousse? Hell yeh!


No one who knows me now would believe there was a time where I couldn’t cook at all. It’s embarrassing, but I used to wear the “I can’t cook” look like a badge of honor, as if it was my thing like being into anime or cycling. Eight years ago, I got sick of paying huge mark ups on mediocre food at restaurants so I just started experimenting on my own. So my love of cooking evolved not just from a love of eating, but out of saving money, being resourceful and challenging myself to see if I could make it for myself at a third of the cost. This is my daughter of an immigrant side, of which I am extremely proud.


Today, I look forward to and often spend 8-12 hours in the kitchen on a weekend without even noticing. Cooking truly is my yoga with the added delicious benefits of days of leftovers to be enjoyed by myself, but mostly my new husband (husB) Guinea Pig and my friends, family & co-workers. I’d love to not eat the same thing more than twice, so Guinea Pig is like the puppy that happily does his part to eat that jerk chicken potpie for the fourth lunch in a row.

I'm miliSashimi aka Michelle Li and I over share snacks, desperately want to know what you ate for dinner, obsessively meal plan and know way too much about celebrity diets.


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