Getting married in your 30s is not the same as eating in your 30s.

Eating in your 30s is mostly wonderful. Your bank account is larger, which means you know the names of at least ten cheeses that don’t come in pre-cut, gigantic rectangular blocks. You’re on a first name basis with your seafood monger. And the only time you eat the food you "made" in University is when you go camping.

The downside to eating in your 30s is your metabolism. You can’t lose weight just by eating a salad twice a week. You have to come to terms with eating less food - At times less exciting food AND regularly working out to lose weight!

I've been doing the Princess Kate and Pippa Dukan diet in preparation for skinny-sleeveless-dress arms for the upcoming wedding and these low carb "tortillas" have helped me retain my sanity.

1/3 C egg whites
3 tbsp oat bran high fiber cereal
3 tbsp 0% Greek yogurt
1 tbsp of seasoning blend (garlic powder, paprika, cumin, cayenne and oregano)

1. Mix all in a bowl.
2. Heat a small-medium nonstick pan to medium heat.
3. Ladle a scoop into the pan & cook on each side until brown around 2-3 minutes.

*Makes approx. 3-4 tortillas

Another bonus of getting married in your 30s is there will be no Sex and The City-inspired fuchsia pink stilettos on my feet, or adorning any cupcakes. Elderly future mili is grateful!


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